What an interesting perspective! It's already snowed once this year, and the leaves are all still on the trees! Probably for the next 5 months or so any precipitation we get will be snow or freezing rain. Most of December/January/February the highs will not be above freezing, some days, the highs will be zero to 10 degrees F (-17 to -12 C). It's cold here!!

I do love the snow, but sometimes the winter just drags on and on and feels like it will never end. Sometimes it even snows in April. We don't plant most vegetables until May because of the fear of the frost coming at night. I know it's colder further north though, so we have nothing to complain about here!

Our kids love playing in the snow. They have snow pants, waterproof snow gloves, boots, and warm coats. We buy all the boots and snow pants in black or navy blue, that way we can just pass them down from child to child without having to buy new ones all the time. I do think warm clothes makes a big difference in how much you can enjoy the snow!

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