I've done one sprint and one Olympic - on the Olympic, I finished 4th from last. Clearly some improving to do there, ha ha! My swimming is bad and my cycling is only slightly better than bad. Didn't help that it was raining and I accidentally dropped all my food while I was on the bike course, so I didn't have anything to eat the entire time.

All of the large races here are canceled. Some of the smaller races are happening, but they look very different. No spectators allowed, wave starts, and at the end they ask you to just grab your stuff and go home. But it's better than nothing. I signed up for a duathlon which will be in September, that will be my first real race this year so I'm excited for the chance to get out there again.

I'm very impressed with your swimming, I don't even know how fast I can swim but I do know that even 50 meters has me panting - it feels so much harder than running!

Freelance writer, distance runner, lifelong learner. Let’s chat! brynnmahnkewrites.com

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